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Company Profile 
Taian China North Experimental Equipment Factory is appointed by the country as the professional manufacturer for producing the oil injection pump test bench. It gets the technique support from Tianjin university,Tianjin University of technology,Shandong University of science and technology.
The factory integrates scientific research, exploitation with selling. "North" oil injection pump test bench ,which is the main product, takes in the advanced technology in China,meanwhile, they have innovated in the system of digital, computer control, and this makes the dependability and stability of the equipments stand in the first place in China.
Product use
The oil injection pump test bench, which is made in North Experimental Equipment Factory, is used for the production and maintenance of the injection system of diesel fuel.It is widely used in automobiles,tractors, watercrafts, agriculture machines, air conditions, dynamos, engineering machinery, locamotive,scientific research of teaching, national defence and many other trade and  departments. The products cover all ranges,testing instruments are perfect, and it can satisfy different consumers’needs .
Product introduction
The frequency conversion and speed change injection pump,which is made in North Experimental Equipment Factory,has three main system, that is 12PSB-BFA、12PSB-BFB、12PSB-BFC,and there are more than twenty kinds.The basic type 12PSB-BFC has the following characteristic: 1. Changing frequency changing rotation speed continuously; 2. Low fall of rotational speed and high output torque; 3. ten rotation presetting; 4. Digit-display rotation speed,count, temperature; 5. fueltemperature autocontrol; 6. The function of over voltage ,heat and overload protecting.

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