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Common Rail Test Bench
Common Rail Injector Test Bench BF1176
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1.Real-time controlled by industrial computers, embedded windows operating system, touch screen operation
2.The Oil quantity, rail pressure, pulse width, rotate speed, temperature will be displayed by 10.4 inch True color display screens 
3.Adopt Bosch high pressure common rail fuel injection pump to produce 0 ~ 1800bar pressure
4.Users can customize the rail pressure, pulse width, Quantity oil time and so on
5.Intelligent PID arithmetic, the rail pressure will be even accurate under the closed-loop control, and with ultrahigh pressure protection function
6.Automatic swithing impulsing power source 12V/24V
7.More than 400 kinds of injector data built-in can be inquired
8.The database has a USB interface, easier to upgrade
9.With the printing feature of the fuel injector test data report
10.The short-circuit protection feature for the test bench
11.Test oil temperature automatically control 
12.Provided with a special fixture for the test injector
13.Chinese / English language interfaces can be mutual converted (language can be modify)
14.Security protective design, operational safety, simple and convenient
1.The detection range: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS brands Injectors and pumps.etc
2.Detect the six injectors in turn, and more
3.Test the tightness of the high-pressure common rail injector and observe its atmospheric effects
4.Measuring the high-speed oil of the common rail injector
5.Measuring the idle oil of the common rail injector 
6.Measuring the pre-inject oil quantity of the common rail injector
7.Measuring the return oil of the common rail injector
8.The common rail injector can be high pressure washed
9.The jet state and oil measurement of the common rail injector can be set 
>>>>>>Technical Parameters:
1.The rated output power: 5.5KW
2.The main power supply: 380V/50HZ 3-phase
3.The speed of the test bench: 0 ~ 3600 r / min
4.The continuous injection time: 0 ~ 1000 time
5.Rail pressure: 0 ~ 1800 bar
6.Pulse width: 100 ~ 3000μs
7.Fuel oil temperature: 40 ± 2 ℃
8.The test oil filtration rating: less than 5μ
9.Oil tank capacity: 15L
10.The overall size (MM): 880 × 775 × 1400
11.Weight: 300 kg
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