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Common Rail Test Bench
Common Rail System Test Bench BF-CRS100
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This is a multi-function testing equipment, it can not only test diesel injector pump, but also test the injector, common rail injector pump, high-pressure fuel rail. It has high precise pressure measurement of common rail, PID control injector atomization and other advanced functions.

1. Test the diesel pumps of BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI and other common rail injector pumps.
2. Test the injectors of BOSCH, DEOSN, DELPHI and other kinds of electric injectors.
3. It can test 1-6 electric injectors at one time.
4. Integrated system, disassembling convenient.
5.Volume oil, rail pressure, pulse width, speed, temperature, etc, all these through the 10.4 inches true color screen to show.
6.User can define rail pressure, pulse width, the amount of volume oil and     other parameters by themselves.
7. It can test the cranking oil quantity and backflow oil quantity of the injector in different situations.
8. It can wash the common rail injector with high pressure and test it in sealed environment.
9. It contains standard parameter database of often used injectors
10. Intelligent PID algorithm, rail pressure control to make it more precise.
11. Equipped with printing function to print data and other report forms.
12. Kinds of languages to choose, Chinese, English and Russian (can be modified up to your requirements).

Interface display of the computer
Besides the above functions, it aslo has other functions of traditional test bench, like:
1.Three styles, the two languages for the operator interface screen display   selection.
2. Main motor frequency control, manual and automatic modes of operation.
3. The automatic mode can be preset multi-stall speed.
4. Minimum points of 0.5 degrees angle of detection of oil interval.
5. Preset amount of fuel oil number of automatic traffic counting system.
6. Low noise high and low pressure fuel injection system.
7. For the supercharged model driven was about two-tone dual pressurization test gas source.
8. Test oil temperature control, can reduce the amount of oil temperature on   accuracy.
9. For the solenoid valve drive and detection 12V/24V DC power supply.
10. VE pump cavity pressure measurement.
12.Fuel supply advance angle performance of automatic measurement.
13.Safety protection design, prevent operators to wrong operation, using more safety.
>>>>>>Technical Parameters:
1、 Main Motor Power: 11KW
2、 Main Engine Power Supply:380V/50HZ
3、 Test Bench Rotate Speed:0~3600rpm/min
4、 Oil Supply:10L/min
5、 Rail Pressure:0~1800 bar
6、Pulse Width:100~3000μs
7、 Continuation Inject Times:0~1000次
8、 Test Oil Filter Precision:小于5μ
9、 Oil Tank Capacity:50L
10、Fuel Oil Temperature:40±2℃
11、Test Bench Size(MM):2100×750×1850 
12、Weight: 1100KG
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